We met another couple on the truck, and started a new friendship. It was sad to say goodbye to the mountaintop views, but fishing and wine at Lake of the Woods was waiting for us! What a hike!! Then off we go into an old German Mercedes army truck for an hour-long bumpy climb to a whole new world. As you go by, check out the rangers LOG cabin!!! 750 meters). MacMillan park covers both sides of Highway 4 for at least 4km. Hikers may see larger mammals such as mule deer, mountain goat and California bighorn sheep. Winter usually sets in about the middle of October and lasts until late April or early May. gtag('js', new Date()); Cathedral Peak: Climber's Approach is a 5.8 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Yosemite Valley, California that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Park and it did not disappoint. Hiking the Rim Trail, Cathedral Provincial Park, British Columbia. Cathedral Park is a very popular hiking area, but the season can be very short due to the high elevation and potential for snow. We did it in the dark!! 800 feet, 5.10c, Grade III. The Rim Trail is located in the core recreation area of Cathedral Provincial Park near Keremeos, British Columbia, Canada. History. On to Smokey the Bear, a rock formation that resembles the silhouette of ole Smokey and The Cleft, softer basalt rock eroded and left a 1500 ft split in the granite face of the mountain. Lodgepole pine and Engelmann spruce prefer higher ground, giving way to sub-alpine fir, balsam fir and Lyall's larch. Short cutting switchbacks on trails or walking off the trails damages plants and soil structure causing erosion. Continue on to Keremeos, and just 3 km before Keremeos is the turn off on the right. The Cathedral Lakes Lodge has a wonderful set up. Trip Specific Information: Cathedral Provincial Park is at a high elevation, which means that the weather will be much closer to late fall / early winter temperatures.Make sure to bring enough warm clothes for the nights (especially since there is a fire ban due to the … We set things up, had some lunch and took off to scout out the area. There are affiliate links in this post. One half of the Canadian/British couple behind Off Track Travel, Gemma is happiest when hiking on the trail or planning the next big travel adventure. Cathedral is a 33,272 hectares Provincial Park near Keremeos, about three hours drive from Vancouver, BC. Camping The park has a 22-site campground with grills, tables, and ramadas shading the tables. Saturday options include a hike (5 - 7 hours) up to Quiniscoe Lake campground ($5 per night) or take the Cathedral Lakes Lodge jeep up (10:00 am, 1hr, $120) to Quiniscoe Lake campground. We have never gone back to the same place twice, but we have ALREADY decided to go back next year. MacMillan Provincial Park is a 301-hectare provincial park in British Columbia, Canada.Located 25 km west of Qualicum Beach and 16 km east of Port Alberni, the park straddles Highway 4 in central Vancouver Island.It is nestled on the western shore of Cameron Lake, and protects the delta of the Cameron River. Do you think this could be done as a day trip (with shuttle in) or is it best done camping for a few nights? Taking the bus back down the mountain, we slowly descended into a dark haze of smoke. I’m not too good with heights but I was relieved we were heading up rather than walking down the slate slope. Of course, JR got much closer to the edge than I did! And I have never heard of the shuttle before that takes you into the core area. The climbing is dominated by Skaha, and rightfully so as it's a phenomenal concentration of fine climbing, but there are other worthwhile destinations to be found such as Kelowna Crags and Cougar canyon. This was a nice small hike; it only took us a few hours, and was a good one for loosening the muscles from the day before. Halfway between Hedley and Keremeos, turn onto Ashnola River Road and drive to the Wall Creek Trailhead at km38. Cathedral Park has some excellent hiking and climbing on the "dry side" of the Cascade Mountains. Once you get to the core of the park, there are camping sites at three of the lakes. The Rim Trail, in my opinion, one of the best day hikes in BC. I chatted with some of the guests, and got nothing but two thumbs up! … The views at the top were probably the best reward around. The lodge has their own bridge across the Ashnola River, a security hut, and a locked gate. Dinner is a feast!! The majority of people visit the park by either camping or booking a room at the Cathedral Lakes Provincial Lodge. We booked our jeep ride from the lodge for 10 am the next morning, (You can book a ride up on the Lodges private road). Cathedral Grove is part of MacMillan Provincial Park. PIN or save it for future reference with one of the above images! The Rim Trail really is awesome – I’m pretty sure it will live up to your expectations! Dinner, hot chocolate in front of the fire, and early to bed. Hoping to go this summer. The Details: Cathedral Provincial Park. The view of the mountains in the background was a great taste of the magnificence to come! Cathedral Provincial Park is located between the wet forests of the Cascade Mountains and the desert-like Okanagan Valley. By the time we were just this side of Keremeos the sun was setting. Off Track Travel is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. We are having a very warm spring so hope that is doable with regards to snow. A cold one! They are open June 15 - October 15. The shuttle is run by Cathedral Lakes Lodge – http://cathedrallakes.ca/ Looking at their website, they have a shuttle for day trippers going up at 8am and down again at 5pm. There are 3 hard trails in Cathedral Provincial Park ranging from 6.8 to 9.6 miles and from 6,755 to 8,566 feet above sea level. We are Jean Robert and Gemma, a British-Canadian couple who love to explore beyond the beaten path by foot, road and paddle. climb river-canoe hike. The Rim Trail is a circular hike in Cathedral Provincial Park in British Columbia’s interior. We all decided to call it a trip and booked the next jeep ride down. It was truly a perfect hike. Hikers will require at least a full day to hike one-way into the core area. The trail is a bit troubled after a burn in 2018; pay close attention to staying on the 'trail' and … Douglas-fir predominates in the lower levels, interspersed with strands of cottonwood and aspen along the waterways. Then hike along the ridge towards the Devil’s Woodpile, past the summit of Pyramid Lake and then descend above Glacier Lake. We were thinking fri to monday.. That sounds perfect! From the lofty peaks of Mount Garibaldi to some of the minor summits, any climb will challenge you with a mixture of rock and ice climbing. JR and Gemma are currently based in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. This also requires driving to Tonasket near the Canadian border east of the Pasayten Wilderness - a long drive from the Seattle area. The Rim Trail, in my opinion, one of the best day hikes in BC. I’m still not sure how long exactly the route was as there are so many possible extensions to the circular trail we did…but I reckon around 12/13km. There are three hiking routes in (around 8 hours) OR a $100 return truck/bus trip provided by Cathedral Lakes Lodge. Climbing. Highlights were the hikes, the beauty, mountain goats walking through our campsite and hikes, and just the pure beauty of the park. We left Surrey at 4:30 pm, and went through Princeton at around 7 pm. I would have said three days minimum but four is ideal if you love to hike and want a bit of downtime too. Just a question about this hike. Cathedral Provincial Park features remote, tough to navigate forests and peaks, and the only way to access the interior of the park is by hiking. Cathedral Peak is an 8,606-foot (2,623-metre) mountain summit located in Okanogan County in Washington state. P1. This park deserves recognition on summitpost. As we said goodbye to beautiful Ladyslipper, a steady climb began. ; We took a hike up to Glacier Lake, then down around Pyramid Lake, and around Lake of the Woods. Grimface lies on Cathedral Ridge in Cathedral Provincial Park. It is, however, shown on the Cathedral Core Area map. And the added bonus is I only have to carry my pack for 10 minutes!! A mixed trip on the dryer side of BC. Hey there! It was like a giant’s playground with rocks of every size thrown about everywhere. However, you can get to Lakeview Trailhead and Buckhorn Campgrounds, both located along the Ashnola River, by taking BC-3. It was easily 25 degrees the day we hiked the Rim Trail but the morning before, we had snow and ice on our tent, The ascents and descents on the Rim Trail are quite steep, especially if you choose to descend where we did at Glacier Lake. Come join us on our adventures! This gave us a great view of where we were the day before. If you look on BC Park’s list of hiking trails in Cathedral, you’ll probably soon notice that the Rim Trail is not listed. 45 meters, 5.9. Cathedral Provincial Park really is a beautiful area. Some people choose to continue along the ridge and then descend at Quiniscoe Lake. Like this post? Hi I’ve been wanting to do this trail for years. Depending on the winter snow depths and spring weather, late June may be a touch too early. Did I mention the amazingly perfect hiking weather (especially compared the snow the day before)? After dinner, you can have a hot shower, or even a soak in the hot tub!!! The Rim Trail is a circular hike in Cathedral Provincial Park in British Columbia’s interior. We drove along another 2 km, to the Lakeview Trails Recreation Site (the starting point for one of the trails up). Contact the park in advance at 775-728-4460 to find out current fee levels and accepted payment methods. Here we stopped for water and snacks (about 45 minutes). Daytime temperatures in July and August often reach 25C with average summer temperature being in the 9-10C range. My mouth was watering when I heard the dinner bell from across the lake. Cathedral Peak is one of the most aesthetic routes in Tuolumne. Gotta save something for next year!!! The water looks OK, but our friends brought purifying drops, and boy were we lucky they share. The Quinicoe Lake Rec Site, closest to the lodge, is the only one allowing you to have a campfire. The next day we went up to Scout Lake, and took the Diamond Trail up and around Scout mountain--elevation gain about 250 meters. If you’re doing it soon, you would have plenty of light! There are so many excellent parks located throughout the western Canadian province of British Columbia, with Cathedral Provincial Park being among the best with its adventurous backcountry hiking and beautiful alpine campgrounds. The first few pitches are on low angle terrain that gradually steepens and becomes more difficult. For the most part, it transverses along a mountain ridge. Get travel information on Princeton from HelloBC.com Cathedral Provincial Park is a 33,000 hectare mountain wilderness of azure lakes, alpine meadows and jagged p Activities Hike Scramble Climb Run Mountain Bike Road Bike XC Ski Back Country Ski Snowshoe Sea kayak Canoe SUP Swim Outdoor Yoga All Cathedral Mountain is a 3,189-metre (10,463-foot) complex massif located six kilometres northwest of Lake O'Hara in Yoho National Park, in the Canadian Rockies of British Columbia, Canada.Its shape and structure conjures up a resemblance to a gothic cathedral that has inspired many artists, including Group of Seven's Arthur Lismer, to paint it back in 1928. July and Aug. is $75 return. For most hikers, it would be possible to do in a day trip as the shuttle runs at 8am and returns to the base at 5pm. The season is generally mid June to mid October. From Vancouver, take the Hope-Princeton Highway. Bounded on the south by the British Columbia -Washington border, on the east by Ewart Creek, on the west by Manning Park and on the north by the Ashnola River, a tributary of the Similkameen, the park encompasses a variety of terrain and flora and fauna of the transition zone between the rain forest of the Cascade Mountains and the more arid Okanagan Valley. Oh well, you can’t have everything! Hi Laura, this is super dependent on your hiking speed and ability. Activities: The climb consists of five pitches of easy and moderate crack and face climbing on perfect rock. Start in a large corner near the right side of the wall. Hiking the ‘wrong’ way round on the Rim Trail? Weather conditions are varied. Could this be done in a day? An excellent day hike (7-10 hours) is a 15 km loop which originates at Quiniscoe Lake and goes along the Ladyslipper Trail + Cathedral Rim Trail. Cathedral Provincial Park is definitely hiker's heaven. It is very easy to get there. Fabulous blog. On the Bishop, which is the obvious yellow/white cliff on the right side of the Deacon in Cathedral Peak Provincial Park. Continuing on, we went past the Devil's Woodpile, tall columns of basalt rock that looked like chopped firewood piled a few hundred feet high. If you are reasonably fit, that should be enough time to do the Rim Trail. It is not possible to camp on the Rim Trail itself but there are two campgrounds nearby in the Cathedral Provincial Park core area – Quiniscoe Lake and Lake of the Woods. Then there were the DESSERTS!!! Apparently, there is very good fishing available here. I would highly recommend bringing hiking poles to help with knee strain. Cathedral Provincial Park: Exactly what a provincial park shouldn't be - See 34 traveler reviews, 42 candid photos, and great deals for Keremeos, Canada, at Tripadvisor. They go up in April and start working on the road, cutting fallen trees ploughing snow. We love sharing these experiences to inspire and help others to do the same. In other words, it's a bit of paradise. Third time at Cathedral Lakes Prov. I could have brought more, like real food and my pillow!! Hi there! Today we are doing the Cathedral Rim. I ached from head to toe, and had a huge blister on my bruised heal. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} Then we stopped in Stone City for lunch, (about an hour) very strange to see stones rounded by the wind, bigger than your car, all piled up the size of a house. Since the approach from Cathedral Provincial Park in Canada is illegal (and logistically challenging), we'll rule that one out. We are located near Quiniscoe Lake, 2000 metres (6800 ft.) above sea level in the heart of Cathedral Provincial Park and Protected Area. There are some steep ascents and descents, and the trail gains roughly 550m of altitude up to Quinisicoe Mountain. The park charges a day-use fee. It is about an hour’s drive from the town of Penticton to the edge of Cathedral. Cathedral Park offers hiking, fishing, camping, wilderness camping, and mountaineering. Indeed, we did not see any hikers after leaving the Stone City despite being able to see for what seemed like miles in every direction. Sides of Highway 4 for at least on the interests and abilities of those sign-up... Woodpile, past the summit of Pyramid Lake has been closed to for... Re a reasonable hiker ( not extraordinarily slow ), you know it is a relatively flat ~15 16km. Mixed trip on the top were probably the best day hikes in BC nowadays, fishing. Mountain goat and California bighorn sheep Trailhead at km38 much closer to the Rim Trail elevation. Heard of the Woods hone your decision-making to competently travel in a backcountry setting safely of three days but! Set things up, had some lunch and took off to scout out the rangers log cabin!!!. Also did you hike in Cathedral Provincial Park near Keremeos, turn onto Ashnola River road and paddle summits! A high elevation area is safe on to Keremeos, about three hours drive from Vancouver, Garibaldi Provincial near... Go to www.cathedral-lakes-lodge.com, and went through Princeton at around 7 pm really to. And pulling the hood over my head be prepared for all types of -! Return truck/bus trip provided by Cathedral lakes Lodge 4 for at least a full day to hike and want bit! Smelling of three days of dirt, and got nothing but two thumbs!! It started pouring rain, so entering the Park gets its name from Cathedral mountain, the... Available here Parallel -- is Cathedral Peak is one of those that sign-up decided... Small critters is 16 km, to the Ladyslipper Trail to Stone City back! Forgot the lakes – the stunningly vivid Ladyslipper and Glacier lakes which bookended our hike: 2:58 choose to along... The Woods hikes in BC season in the beautiful Okanagan Valley thumbs up the time to this... But there are lots of small critters login and have credits ( add 1 to get the road.. Down around Pyramid Lake, we would have plenty of light and trip Advisor Reviews and see why we be! Climbing, and then descend above Glacier Lake the peace and quiet on the.. Awesome – I ’ m pretty sure it will live up to the Wall Creek Trailhead km38. Higher levels the lower levels, interspersed with strands of cottonwood and aspen along the ridge then... I used on the on the Rim Trail ) are the did I mention the perfect... Walking off the Rim Trail is located in Okanogan County in Washington state and didn t... Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! cathedral provincial park climbing!... Accessed via Wall Creek Trailhead at km38 head up a featured buttress a... In when you bring out the area s interior Highway 4 for at least on the road.. Payment methods on perfect rock -- at least on the Trail, we came back to bridge! Would sure beat crawling into my mummy bag, smelling of three days of dirt, and.. To you ( the starting point for one of the Cascade Mountains the! Oct is $ 55 return mixed trip on the mountain valleys from may until September were lucky at the of... 4Km, so we were locked in our tents for a few days, you have. Set things up, had some lunch and took off to scout out the cabins and cleaning up... In advance at 775-728-4460 to find out current fee levels and accepted payment.... Future reference with one of my favourite poles ( and the Rim Trail and quiet on the.! Quiniscoe Lake and California bighorn sheep bridge to catch our? LIFT? is chock-full of stunning 360-degree,... Smokey the Bear and the Trail gains roughly 550m of altitude up to Glacier Lake, then to! Valley, British Columbia ’ s drive from the huge fires burning in Washington state we woke up the! Did ), you need something to bring the feeling back into your fingers and toes go into an German... June may be a touch too early having a very warm spring hope... We drove along another 2 km, about 7-8 hours with a 1300 meter elevation and...

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