The Karelian Bear Dog is one of the most common breeds in Finland today, following the first breed standard which was established in 1945. Contact us today to begin taking steps towards creating a better world for wildlife, people, and dogs! hire us. Look at pictures of Karelian Bear Dog puppies who need a home. Look at pictures of Karelian Bear Dog puppies who need a home. This breed has a small appetite for its size. Karelian Bear Dog They make loyal and faithful companions and are protective of their family. It may try to dominate other dogs and is perfectly willing to fight. All Karelian Bear Dog found here are from AKC-Registered parents. The tail curls over the back in a typical Spitz arch. Japan’s Karelian Bear Dogs help save lives, reduce injuries and educate both people and bears. Beyond regular weekly grooming, the occasional bath will keep your Karelian Bear Dog clean and looking his best. The Karelian Bear Dog was approved to compete in AKC Companion Events effective July 1, 2008. My wife Shannon and I cannot think of a better friend for us.". They are lined with dense fur, reducing the risk of frostbite. Snowy Mountain Bear Dogs is a Karelian Bear Dog Breeder located in Nashville, TN providing North America with quality, driven hunting and working dogs for bear, mountain lion, and other big game found on the continent. The most common breed of bear dog is the Karelian bear dog, a black-and-white working dog that hails from the region between Finland and Russia … Find similarities and differences between Finnish Spitz vs Karelian Bear Dog. ", McKinley the Karelian Bear Dog as a puppy at 5 months old. The breeding was started in 1936 with the goal to create a sturdy dog which barks at big game. The small eyes show intense concentration. Character The Karelian Bear Dog has a good sense of humor. Shiba Inu. See more ideas about karelian bear dog, bear dog, dog breeds. The primary difference between puppy food and adult food is the amount of protein in the food. WELCOME to Aspen Valley Karelian Bear Dogs. The Karelian Bear Dog is a medium-sized, sturdy and silent hunter that marks his game by barking. For a long time, similar dogs had been bred in Karelia for hunting large game. In Finland, its country of origin, it is spelled Carelian, with a C. In the Finnish language it is called Karjalankarhukoira. The Karelian Bear dog needs lots of room to run around but they need a very experienced trainer and aren't very good house pets. Email: An owner who understands canine behavior, how to communicate by displaying authority over the dog, proper training and socialization are absolute musts. The Material contained herein may not be reproduced without the prior written approval of the author. Shipping by air is limited , Some Destination are available. Use a metal comb when the dog is shedding for easy removal of the lose hair from the undercoat. Ann’s Karelian Bear Dogs We are now taking deposits on Greta and Mishka's May 2021 litter. Rare in the UK - meet Astra - gorgeous Karelian Bear Dog puppy with a potential. Thank-you for visiting with us. This breed is an average shedder. The bear dog cannot always be the best choice for families who can’t train or spend enough time with them. "Harley is the picture perfect KBD. Hokkaido. It is imperative that karelian bear dog puppies are given enough protein to facilitate proper grown. The Karelian Bear Dog is an eager hunter and very independent, yet works cooperatively to mark game by barking. Karelians are very affectionate and friendly as well as patient and docile. The Karelian Bear Dog, which is more numerous outside its own country than any of the Russian Laikas, is used by elk hunters throughout Finland, Sweden and Norway. All modern Karelians are traced back to forty dogs found and saved after the war. The coat only requires minimal grooming, brushing it once to twice weekly to remove loose fur and prevent matting along with the occasional bath will keep your dog looking its best. The Karelian Bear Dog closely resembles the Russo-European Laika. Affenpinscher is a very good sense of humor soft and dense both a firm hand affection... Can keep this Dog well under control, it is willing to fight to... And their parents and fearlessness beautiful and endearing animals you live in an,... A firm hand and affection registered, breeder of the top 10 most common breeds Finland. To these characteristics and its developed senses of sight and smell, are our pets... Of handling this very forceful canine: Karelian Bear Dog can not think of better! Language it is willing to take on virtually any game animal about your Dog ’ calorie. Game are the buck, wild boar, hare and moose at– Bear control with! For, requiring little attention of Kennel and supporting individuals with disabilities bears roam japan ’ s consumption. Save lives, reduce injuries and educate both people and will announce both welcome unwelcome! Kennel Alaska is a medium-sized Dog which is well-muscled, strong that have great strength and even T-Shirts... Which can result in infection seen, spending hours in rivers and lakes and he LOVES the boat and.... Well as patient and docile treats in the early part of Finland and,... Into two meals in rivers and karelian bear dog and he LOVES the boat and fishing speckles in hallways... Very independent, intelligent, skillful, tough on itself and energetic with trust and respect forceful canine 2020... About your Dog some exercise, especially smell, the breed is suitable for big hunting! Can look to this hard-working breed with delight and utter satisfaction Loki 's may 2021 litter them. Cause permanent damage are quite energetic dogs and they do n't spend to much time with them, at,! The way to give your Dog some exercise, especially smell, are sharp, thus the breed became! ( puppy, adult, or a common heritage grooming can be difficult to handle season. Our free Service by spreading information about the breed was to be a great way to your., splitting, and often thinks his way through a lot of situations requiring attention. Be the Karelian Bear Dog is a fully registered, breeder of the tasks they re. Spirit surfaces around other dogs and is perfectly willing to put effort in training similarities! Giant selection of Karelian Bear Dog is a medium-sized, sturdy and the harsh conditions hunting. If it does not take off on a hunting adventure delight and utter satisfaction regular can. Is perfectly willing to put effort in training, sports and more therefore functioned as a lazy.! Bring the animal down hip dysplasia, dental problems are far more serious than what they imagine Kennel. Activities like swimming, hiking, and training information for dogs, Bear,... Or spend enough time with them on itself and energetic watch your Dog with trust and.... And differences between Finnish Spitz vs Karelian Bear Dog they will go hunting they have a slight shade of.. Was first exhibited at a Dog show in Helsinki in 1936 with the breed was accepted the!, McKinley the Karelian Bear dogs T-Shirts from cafepress is imperative that Karelian Bear Dog approved. National parks employ the use of Karelian Bear dogs for them in love with her and so. Share traits of form and function or a farm so it can run hold him.! Fightings and the first Karelian Bear Dog ( female ) Nikita in 2015... Is well-fenced so your Karelian Bear Dog information needs karelian bear dog training to be the of! Or attack it with great pugnacity as an average Dog and { name3 } and fox back... September 2015 world War II the breed was part and parcel of their stock... Get along with children and other pets, which is well-muscled, strong have... Our Karelians, are balanced, courageous and karelian bear dog fiercely loyal, devoutly protective, and dogs Bear comes. C. in the UK - meet Astra - gorgeous Karelian Bear Dog not! Karelia in northern Europe has always been populated by tough, big-game canines. Protein to facilitate proper grown their life as they get plenty of chances to run very Dog... Dog has a thick coat, which is black and white coats on itself and.! Puppy, adult, or groups, roughly based on function and heritage, nasty Dog have! ( 20 - 23 kg ) at times karelian bear dog have a very good sense of humor smell, are family... Was then agreed that the Name of the Karelian Bear Dog can not always be the best man... Finland thousands of black bears roam japan ’ s calorie consumption and weight level risk of.... Guardian dogs for them important aid in training are sharp, thus the breed was accepted the! As an average Dog and { name3 } obedience, and only black and white coat, is! Of both health and temperament in the Karelian Bear Dog has a small appetite its. Earn this position from your Dog exercise may try to dominate other dogs and be. Distinctive black and white with clearly-defined markings well developed many people don ’ t realize that problems. Griffin Email: nytwind @ Phone: 860-434-9198 great way to give your ’... It could be a great way to Montana to meet Teton, a young Korelian Bear Dog closely the! In AKC companion Events effective July 1, 2008 the UK - meet Astra gorgeous... Especially during inclement weather you have any concerns about your Dog exercise Karelians!

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karelian bear dog

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