But keep your distance, take extra care, and get it checked as soon as possible. If this is not possible call Roadside Assistance.​. Get this one checked as soon as you can. They also measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. If the light disappears this is a normal function. This will typically indicate low tyre pressures or a missing/faulty wheel sensor. Visit an authorised repairer for a check. If this continues to illuminate, please seek an authorised repairer. Strictly Necessary cookies are essential to let you move around the website and use its features, such as accessing secure areas, shopping baskets and online billing. Check if the handbrake is applied. You can change these settings here request. Check that the bonnet is closed properly. Airbag Warning Light. This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. If the light does not disappear contact an authorised repairer.​. This light is a warning that your engine is overheating. Click a link to learn more about each one. This yellow warning light will flash up when coolant levels are running low, to remind you to top them up. We have listed descriptions for each of several lights you might be seeing. The warning lights on your Mercedes-Benz E550 dashboard are usually the first sign that something’s not right. No action is required. Telephone calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes. Battery warning light. Firstly stop and restart the engine, if the light remains on after restarting give us a call to discuss. This symbol indicates that the oil temperature is too high or that the oil level or pressure is too low. Avoid high loads on the engine and drive to the nearest authorised repairer ensuring the coolant temperature remains below the red marking. Check that the driver and front passenger has their seatbelt fastened properly. Also known as Electronic Stability Control (ESC), this warning light indicates a problem with traction control. This light will come on if one of your lights needs replacing and in some cases a message on the dashboard should help you identify which light is out. Mercedes Atego Dashboard Warning Lights Explained September 12, 2019 Mercedes truck dash warning lights mercedes truck dash warning lights mercedes truck dash warning lights mercedes truck dash warning lights Mercedes ESP Light No matter if you are driving an E, C, S, ML Class or any other Mercedes-Benz model you could get “ESP Malfunction fault – visit workshop” warning and the ESP light stays on or is flashing. Green warning lights are for information only. These explosions move the pistons up and down which, in very simple terms, starts to power your engine. If the tyre pressures are ok and the light is still on, drive carefully to an authorised repairer to have the system examined. If this is not possible contact Roadside Assistance. Mercedes-Benz Dashboard Warning Lights Explained ABS Light. The ESP dashboard warning light on the Mercedes stands for ‘Electronic Stability Program’. Yes, but be cautious and aim to top up with air as soon as possible. If oil level is below the recommend level, top-up the oil level above the minimum level. If this doesn't result in the light turning off, the lighting system may be fault. If you get your service plan now you will automatically qualify for our free collection & delivery service which is a saving of £30! It’s worth reading our list to refresh your knowledge on important dashboard warning lights. If the vehicle power is not down and is not vibrating take caution and drive to an authorised repairer. If you need a new sensors to fix your Mercedes such as ABS sensor, MAF, camshaft & crankshaft, visit www.bavariandominator.co.uk Select your vehicle below to see the dashboard layout and symbols/warning lights. It can be really easy to ignore the warning lights that flash up on your dashboard now and again but these warning lights play a vital role and indicate problems with your vehicle that need checking or immediate action. References to the Jardine Motors Group includes Lancaster Plc, Jardine Automotive Limited, Jardine Luxury Vehicles Limited, Jardine Cars Limited, Jardine Specialist Cars Limited and Jardine Sports Cars Limited. 30. Battery Light. Here are the most important Mercedes-Benz C350e warning lights you should watch out for: Engine Oil Level or Oil Pressure Warning Light Symbols, indicate that the oil temperature gets too high, the oil level is low or oil pressure too low. Stands for Anti-Lock Brake System that is deactivated because of malfunction. Mercedes Warning Lights indicate an issue with your vehicle. Check the oil level. The pressure in one or more of your tires is insufficient or has dropped significantly. Switch off the engine immediately. Warning message is common for all mercedes-benz cars with light and rain sensor fitted it includes - C-class W204 S204 C204 W205 S205 C205 E-Class W212 S212 C207 A207 W213 S213 C238 A238 S-class W220 W221 W222 GLC X253 C253 ML W164 W166 GLE C292 CLA C117 W117 Sprinter W906 Vito W447 and many other mercedes car models. You should replace them as soon as you can as if they wear out completely it could be very dangerous. This is a normal operating feature of the system. Please select your preferred Mercedes-Benz South West branch: Visit Mercedes-Benz South West for new and used car sales. Permanent light: Switch off the ignition and then restart. The good news here is you can get an affordable solution to your ESP problem. Warning parking light 32. The vehicles own understeer and oversteer ​characteristics are accentuated allowing for more active and sporty driving. This is your gearbox malfunction light. If this light illuminates, it will indicate the safety systems are currently not available which result in longer emergency braking distances. We may receive a commission payment from the finance provider if you decide to enter into an agreement with them. Have a look for any obvious oil leaks under the car, and then check the oil levels, topping up if necessary. If the light does return and the power is down contact Roadside Assistance. It’s important to act quickly as this could lead to expensive or even irreparable engine damage. These cookies allow our website to provide services at your request. If the light stays on you should bring your car in to one of our showrooms as soon as possible. If you have a diesel Mercedes, this light will light up when the engine is warming up. The economy and comfort drive program provides higher levels of economy and comfort by reducing the engine idol speed as well reducing over revving of the engine while driving. Remove the key for 30 seconds then reinsert and start the engine. Please consult your Mercedes owner’s manual or call J&T … Worried about your Audi? You’ll need to get this replaced as soon as you can. Vw Golf Back Lights Not Working. The fuel level has dropped into the reserve. The warning light will come on if the computer assesses that drowsiness or fatigue are affecting your driving, reminding you to take a break and recharge your own batteries. The ESP dashboard warning light on the Mercedes stands for ‘Electronic Stability Program’. Leave the engine running a few minutes or drive for 10-15 minutes to allow for battery regeneration. This is an incredibly important safety feature of your car so we advise that you get this checked immediately. If one comes on while you’re driving, stop somewhere safe as soon as possible. Also it’s advised for your safety to wait for the engine to cool down before topping up. If the system is in use, the maximum speed is 25 mph and the light will flash if the speed is exceeded. This mode is particular well suited to driving in snowy, icy or wet conditions.​. We have included the top causes that trigger these lights to come on in the section below. This indicated an issue with the power steering system. Looking for smart? your user name, log in details and language preferences. Stands for Anti-Lock Brake System that is deactivated because of malfunction. Make sure the 'Reset Heartbeat' parameter is switched on. We advise having the coolant topped up by a professional at an authorised repairer. There is a headlight range control system fault. Top up the fluid for the windscreen washer. In addition, the , and warning lamps light up in the instrument cluster and a warning tone sounds. How works and means warning lights in Mercedes Benz dashboard No – if the battery light's red while you're driving, you need to … Stop as soon as it’s safe to do so – keep your speed low and avoid braking suddenly. Book a Mercedes-Benz service at your local dealership today. This simply means a sensor has detected your brake pads are too thin. Do not restart. There is a fault in the airbag or seatbelt system. Warning light name :Warning Company Information, Terms of Business & Forms, Your settings will take affect when you refresh the page or move to a new page. More information. Jardine Automotive Limited, Jardine Luxury Vehicles Limited, Jardine Cars Limited, Jardine Specialist Cars Limited and Jardine Sports Cars Limited are all authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for credit-related regulated activities and insurance distribution activities, see FCA Information. When the check engine warning light flashes up it’s often paired by tell-tale signs that the engine is not working properly, such as a lack of power or stuttering as you press the accelerator. If your battery has been disconnected or discharged or if your vehicle has been jump started - turn your steering wheel fully to the left, then fully to the right and drive a short distance at 20-30km/hour. This indicated whether the headlights are on low or high beam. Targeting cookies collect information about your browsing habits to deliver adverts which are more relevant to you and your interests. Visit our dedicated smart South West site. STOP driving immediately and turn the engine off. If the ESP light … If the coolant warning light becomes illuminated on your dashboard as you’re driving along, it’s a certain sign that your engine is overheating. This warning could indicate a range of faults, from minor issues to a much larger mechanical issue. The following are warning lights and indicators found in vehicles built by Mercedes Benz. Browse the latest passenger cars, book a service, find local offers and more. Please refuel as soon as possible. If the light disappears this is a normal function. By continuing your journey throughout the website, you consent to this. If this red light remains on after you fully release the parking brake, or comes on when you’re driving, it may indicate that the brake fluid level is low. They are roughly ordered by importance, which tends to be by color (red, amber, yellow, orange, green, blue, gray), but there are over 40 of them so be patient! If the light is still on, drive carefully to an authorised repairer. This could mean that coolant levels are running low, which could indicate a leak in the system, or it could be a sign of a more serious problem.

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